Membership Fees


The 2021 fees have not been increased and will be the same as the 2020 fees. Below are details of the 2021 fee structure and payment options for 2021:

  • Total club fee is $120.00
  • The entry cost for Monday club night, Tuesday & Wednesday training nights & Saturday endurance swimming will remain at $5.00
  • The option is available for club members to make an upfront discounted payment of $175.00 covering all Monday night entrance fees.
  • This option must be paid via EFT into the club’s bank account in the first 1-2 weeks of January; it covers the annual cost of all Monday night entry fees and provides a potential saving of $45.00 to regular Monday night swimmers.
  • Your name will be printed at the top of the Monday Attendance Sheet to recognize your discounted payment. Members choosing this option are STILL REQUIRED TO SIGN IN for the purpose of COVID compliance and also to register that you have attended but you do not have to pay the $5.00 entry as this has already been paid upfront.
  • There will be a reduced & scaled discount available for the months of February through to April for anyone not opting to pay for the initial discount option.
  • Members not taking advantage of the upfront payment for Monday nights will continue to pay their $5.00 and sign in on the Attendance Sheet.
  • Members 80+ years will be given a discounted entrance of $2.00 for all club sessions (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Saturday). 12 Month Swimming Membership 2021

    Detail: Full fee incurred for full membership for the 2021 Season and valid until 31 December 2021

National: $42.00

State:      $43.00

Club:      $35.00

Total:     $120.00

* Bank details for Monday pool entry will be in Dolphin Dots Membership must be paid through the Masters Swimming website


Membership Fees should be paid by January 1st each year. It is important to note that in previous years we have been afforded a period of grace in which to pay the fees (to the end of January of the new year), however, that is changing this year and registrations must be paid by the 31st December.  In particular, this will effect anyone competing in OWS or LiveLighter Club Challenges.  If you swim in these events after December, you are not covered for insurance purposes nor will you be eligible to gain points as part of the OWS series.

Masters Swimming do not accept club payments for the State or National components of the membership fee. Club members must pay these fees by credit or debit card on the Masters Website. The membership renewal facility is not available until 1st December.

Instructions on how to pay online have been provided by Masters Swimming, as below.

Existing member help for renewing online

New member help for paying online

To go to the Masters Swimming website, referred to in the instructions, please click on the link below:

However, if you are unable to use the internet for any reason to submit or renew your membership, please let us know and we will process the payment for you.

For more detailed information about club activities, and contacts, please click on the link below for a copy of the club brochure.

Maida Vale Masters’ Brochure 2020

We collect our part of the Membership Fee via the online facility. We ask you to note that, in addition to paying the State and National components of the Membership Fee online, you will also pay the Club Component.